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Following the sun - Mikhail Kalik Retrospective

Between 1961 and 1968, Soviet-Jewish filmmaker Mikhail Kalik (born in 1927) directed three films whose originality, humanity and highly personal filmic language render them the finest examples of the cinema of the Soviet Thaw. Like Andrei Tarkovsky, Sergei Parajanov and Marlen Khutsiev, he was considered one of the great talents of the early 1960s. The son of a famous theater actor, he was one of the first Jewish students to be accepted by the Moscow Film School (VGIK). In 1951, he fell victim to the "anti-cosmopolitan" campaign and was sent to the gulag. Only after Stalin?s death was he able to continue his studies, shooting his first films in Soviet Moldova. One of his closest collaborators was the composer Mikael Tariverdiev who remains known for his innovative and experimental, yet accessible, film scores. In 1971, a new wave of anti-Semitism prompted Kalik to emigrate to Israel, where he became known by the name Moshe (Moses in Hebrew). In the USSR, people were forbidden to write about him and his name was removed from the list of VGIK graduates. Between 1971 and his death in 2017, he made only three more films. However, he did live to see himself and his films rehabilitated in Russia.
Our program, which brings together prints from Gosfilmofond and the Jerusalem Cinematheque, presents the works of a great director whose rediscovery is long overdue.

Film Program

January 18, 8pm, introduction: Anna Malgina & January 25, 7pm
CHELOVEK IDET ZA SOLNTSEM Sandu follows the Sun Mikhail Kalik USSR/Soviet Moldova 1961 OV gerS 71

January 19, 6.30pm, lecture: Anna Malgina & January 25, 9pm, introduction: Adelheid Heftberger
DO SVIDANIYA, MALCHIKI! Goodbye, Boys Mikhail Kalik USSR 1964 OV gerS 83

January 19, 9pm & January 26, 9pm, introduction: Ekaterina Mostovaia
LYUBIT "To love" Mikhail Kalik USSR/Soviet Moldova 1968 OmU 70

January 20, 6pm Discussion: Mikhail Kaliks work between Soviet Thaw and exilic cinema
with: Erika and Ulrich Gregor, Christoph Huber, Anna Malgina and Barbara Wurm Discussion held in English language free admission

January 20, 7.30pm & January 30, 7.30pm
I VOSVRASHAYETSYA VETER And The Wind Returns Mikhail Kalik USSR/USA 1991 OV gerS 133
NEOTPRAVLENNOE PISMO V MOSKVU Unsent Letter to Moscow Mikhail Kalik Israel 1977 OV gerS 32

January 22, 8pm & January 28, 7.15pm
ATAMAN KODR Mikhail Kalik, Boris Rytsarev, Olga Ulitskaya USSR/Soviet Moldova SSR 1958 OV gerS 76

January 23, 8pm & January 28, 9pm
YUNOST NASHIKH OTSOV The Youth of our Fathers Mikhail Kalik, Boris Rytsarev USSR 1958 OV gerS 82

January 24, 7pm, introduction: Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu & January 26, 7pm
KOLYBELNAYA Lullaby Mikhail Kalik USSR/Soviet Moldova 1960 OV gerS 95

January 24, 9.15pm & January 29, 8pm
SHLOSHA V?ACHAT Three and One Mikhail Kalik Israel 1974 OV gerS 86

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18.01.2019 - 30.01.2019


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